What is the GSGA Junior Tour?

The GSGA Junior Tour is a series of junior competitions throughout the state of Georgia for players of all skill levels. The program is operated by the Georgia State Golf Association.

Do I have to be a member to play in GSGA Junior Tour tournaments?

No. However, players will be limited in the number/type of tournaments they can play as a non-member. Non-member players may play in a maximum of TWO events during the Summer Series, ONE event during the Fall Series and unlimited events during the Spring Series. Non-members will NOT be eligible for the Spring Finale, Fall Preview or Season-Ending Championships. Non-members will be eligible for the Premier Player Series, Team Series and the Skills Challenge Series, but are subject to higher entry fees. Please be sure to check the Tournament Information page to see if non-members are permitted to play.

What is included in a GSGA Junior Tour Membership?

GSGA Junior Tour members will have access to competitions with other players of a similar skill/age at discounted rates, a Youth on Course membership which offers rounds of golf for $5 or less at participating courses nationwide, a USGA Handicap Index and a membership benefits package that includes a player gift, a Player’s Edition to the Rules of Golf and much more.

What division do I choose?

There are 13 different divisions based on a player’s age and skill level. Players must make a good-faith effort to select the proper division based on their playing ability. These divisions are used for the Summer Series only as players are placed in flights for the Fall and Spring Series based solely on age/gender. Please visit our Correct Division Policy and Divisions Page for further information and/or contact our office for assistance in selecting the correct division.

How do I know which tournaments are available for my division?

Some events may not offer competition for all divisions. There is a “Search for Tournaments” button on the top right-hand corner of the tournament schedule page. Once selected, a dropdown menu will appear. Select the appropriate division and click “submit”. This will provide a list of all the tournaments for that specific division.

How do I qualify for a Season-Ending Championship?

Season-Ending Championships are for members only and each has its own entry criteria. Please visit the Championship Information page for information on how to qualify for a Season-Ending Championship.

Can I have a caddie?

Players in the Intermediate 9-Hole divisions and Beginner divisions are allowed to have a caddie. Caddies are not permitted in 18-hole divisions. Please visit our Caddie Policy for more information.

Is there a maximum number of strokes allowed for GSGA Junior Tour competitions?

Beginner divisions have a Maximum 10 Stroke Limit. Intermediate divisions have a Maximum Triple Bogey Limit. There is no stroke limit for Advanced divisions. Please visit the Policies page for further details on stroke limits.

Are distance measuring devices allowed?

Yes - all GSGA Junior Tour events allow the use of distance measuring devices that measure distance only.

When do I receive my tee time?

Tee times are released the day following the registration deadline. Once published, tee times will be sent via email and will also be posted on the Tournament Information page.

What are the general tee time ranges?

General starting times are posted for each event on the Tournament Information page for that specific event.

How much does it cost to play in a tournament?

Tournament entry fees vary depending on the event and season. Please visit the Tournament Information page for more details. The entry fee is also posted on each event’s specific information page.

How do I cancel or withdraw from a tournament?

You can cancel a tournament through your Player’s Club account prior to the cancellation deadline. You will receive a refund minus a $10 cancellation fee. However, if there is another tournament you would like to play in, we can transfer the entry fee at no expense. If you want to transfer, YOU MUST CALL OR EMAIL US. If you cancel the tournament before contacting us we cannot transfer the entry fee. If you need to withdraw after the cancellation deadline, please contact us. You will not receive a refund, but we need to know you will not be at the tournament. If you do not, you will receive a NO SHOW. Please see our No Show/No Card policy.