The GSGA Junior Tour Rankings reflect a player’s performance in all Advanced and Intermediate Divisions for GSGA Junior Tour Summer Series events ONLY. The ranking system considers two main criteria:

1. Points Earned (41%) - based upon finish and field size of each event played and
2. Scoring Differential (59%) - based upon a player’s average score compared to difficulty of course played.

To learn more about the GSGA Junior Tour Rankings, including point distribution and scoring differential, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

GSGA Junior Tour Current Rankings (Updated each Friday during the Summer Series. Players in italics are non-members of the GSGA Junior Tour. Players must be members and play in a minimum of three events in order to be eligible for the 2019 GSGA Junior Tour Championship.)

Players in BOLD have been invited to the 2019 GSGA Junior Tour Championship.

Boys 15-18 Advanced

Girls 15-18 Advanced

Boys 15-18 Intermediate (18)

Girls 15-18 Intermediate (18)

Boys 12-14 Advanced

Girls 12-14 Advanced

Boys 12-14 Intermediate (18)

Girls 12-14 Intermediate (18)

Boys 12-15 Intermediate (9)

Girls 12-15 Intermediate (9)

Boys 8-11 Intermediate (9)

Girls 8-11 Intermediate (9)

Junior Skills Challenge Series - Point Standings (updated after each qualifier)

Boys 11-13

Girls 11-13

Boys 8-10

Girls 8-10

Boys 5-7

Girls 5-7