The policies detailed below are in effect unless otherwise specified on the tournament information page for a particular tournament. Policies for certain special events, including Spring Series tournaments, MAADA Series, Season-Ending Championships, and Fall Series tournaments, will vary slightly when compared to the information below (for example, some have a cancellation deadline that is slightly earlier than indicated in the general “Schedule Changes and Withdrawals policy found below). It is important to review the tournament information page for all events in which you plan to participate in before registering.


Caddies are permitted in the Beginner Division and Intermediate 9-Hole Divisions only. There are no restrictions as to who may serve as a caddie. Caddies should help to improve pace of play during the round. Caddies must adhere to the Rules of Golf and the player is responsible for the caddie’s actions during the round.

Best Practices for Caddies:

  • Should work to have fun and keep the player having fun
  • Must conform to all code of conduct/dress code policies
  • Must not stand on or close to an extension of the player’s line of play once the player’s stance is taken. See Rule 10.2b
  • Must refrain from over-coaching the participant for whom they are caddying
  • Must allow the junior golfers to learn and play their own game
  • Should aid tournament staff in implementing the Pace of Play Policy by helping your group to expedite play and by searching for golf balls
  • May assist their player with his/her scoring and marking responsibilities

Note: The player and his/her caddie are responsible for knowing the rules. During a stipulated round and for any breach of a rule by his/her caddie, the player incurs the applicable penalty. Information and Resources for the 2019 Rules Change can be found at the GSGA Junior Tour Rules Corner.


Motorized carts are prohibited in all divisions. Players must walk and carry their own bags, or they may use a non-motorized push cart where permitted. Penalty for breach of these conditions is two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred. Players may use their own push carts or rent from the host facility when available. These carts must be in good condition (such that no damage is caused to the course) and be kept away from the surface of all tees and putting greens. Any player in violation of the rules for push carts will lose the privilege of using one. Tournament-approved shuttles may exist at certain sites and players are always authorized to ride on a motorized cart when playing under stroke and distance.

Code of Conduct

Review the GSGA Junior Tour Code of Conduct.


All play is governed by the Rules of Golf and its Interpretations, the Tournament Hard Card and, where applicable, by local rules, conditions, and definitions, which are all subject to changes or amendments by the GSGA Tournament Staff. The result of the competition is deemed to have been officially announced when all scores have been posted and approved on the official scoreboard and medals and/or trophies have been awarded by the GSGA Tournament Committee.


Most correspondence from the GSGA Junior Tour office is sent to members via email. If you have spam blocker software on any of the email addresses you provided during membership registration, be sure to add the following addresses to your list of trusted senders:



Should the primary email address listed in your player’s club account change or become inactive, please log in to update your contact information. You may also call the office at (770) 850-9040 to process this important change.

Correct Division Policy

All junior golfers must make a good-faith effort to select the correct division when registering for membership each year. If you have any questions about selecting an appropriate division, please contact us. Once you have registered to participate in a particular division, you are required to remain in the same division for the duration of the Summer Series (see Note 1 for exception). During the Spring and Fall Series events, the division played during the Summer Series is not relevant. Players are placed in flights based solely upon their age. Tournament scores are reviewed regularly by the GSGA staff during the Summer Series. Any player who returns scores above or below the guidelines provided on the Divisions page or who consistently displays skills and abilities not in accordance with those required of their division, will be subject to a review by the staff.

  • Note 1: If a player is not competing in the correct division, he/she may request a transfer to the appropriate division by contacting the GSGA Junior Tour office. He/she may also be contacted to be promoted or relegated from the current division. Event selection may be subsequently limited in the case of a division transfer.

Please contact the GSGA Junior Tour office if, at any time, you have questions about choosing the appropriate skill/age division.

Double Par Rule

The double par rule is in effect for Intermediate Divisions ONLY. The maximum number of strokes a player may record on any given hole is double par. Once double par has been reached, the player must lift their ball, discontinue their play of the hole, and continue to the next teeing area.

For multi-day events, the double par rule will NOT be in effect for any hole-by-hole playoff conducted to decide first place in any Intermediate Division.

Dress Code

Review the GSGA Junior Tour Code of Conduct.


Participation in GSGA Junior Tour events is reserved for amateur golfers. In addition, the following eligibility requirements apply:

• The minimum age requirement is 5 years old

• Juniors who have not reached their 19th birthday AND have not graduated high school as of January 1 of the current year are eligible

• Once a player starts college, they are no longer eligible, regardless of age

Inclement Weather

The decision to cancel an event is made by the GSGA staff and the tournament director in conjunction with the host golf course staff. Any changes to the planned schedule will be communicated to the field via email and text message (if applicable) as soon as they become available. All efforts are made to complete the number of holes allotted for the event, but the GSGA staff reserves the right to shorten the number of holes in a competition because of inclement weather (i.e. 9 holes for all 18-Hole Divisions and 5 holes for all 9-Hole Divisions). An event that is shortened because of inclement weather is considered complete only when all players in a specific division have completed the number of shortened holes required.

If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather (some or all players in an age group are unable to complete the shortened number of holes), the GSGA and host facility will try to reschedule the event. If the event is rescheduled, all players will be automatically transferred to the new event date. If a player is unable to attend the new event date, the player MUST contact the GSGA office before the new cancellation deadline. If a rescheduling is not possible, players will have the option to transfer their registration to a new event or receive tournament credit in their account for a future event.

If a cancelled event occurs at the conclusion of the season, the three-event minimum (in order to qualify for season-ending championships) may be waived for individual players on a case-by-case basis.

Maximum 10 Strokes (6 Shots & 4 Putts)

The maximum 10 strokes per hole rule applies to the Beginner Division ONLY. The maximum number of strokes a player is allowed on a single hole is 10.

After playing their sixth shot, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the front of the putting green if the ball is not already at rest on the putting green (e.g., a player’s sixth shot on the first hole (a par 3) comes to rest in a bunker behind the green); he/she must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the front of the putting green; the next stroke played will be the player’s seventh. Once 10 strokes has been reached, the player must lift their ball, discontinue play of the hole and continue to the next teeing area.

Note: This procedure is a GSGA Junior Tour local rule for the specified divisions only and does not reflect the proper application of the Rules of Golf.

Membership Cancellation

Membership fees ($99 for Regular Membership, $49 for Beginner Division Membership, $49 for Fall Membership) will not be refunded after a request for membership is submitted and approved by the GSGA staff.

No Shows (NS) & No Cards (NC)

NS refers to those players who fail to appear for their assigned tee time without notifying the GSGA Junior Tour office prior to their assigned tee time. NC refers to those players who fail to return their scorecards or speak to the GSGA Tournament Committee before leaving the golf course. In the event of either offense, a player will be notified in writing within 24 hours that they were recorded as a NS or NC at a recent event. If either offense occurs a second time, the player will be removed, without refund, from his/her remaining events and will be ineligible to participate in tournaments or events for the remainder of the current calendar year.

Pace of Play

Review the GSGA Junior Tour Pace of Play Policy.

Pace of Play Guidelines:

  • Players should take responsibility to ensure every member in the group follows the GSGA Junior Tour Pace of Play Policy.
  • Players will be monitored for Pace of Play for the entire round.
  • Players should play “ready golf” throughout the entire round.
  • When spectators or Rules officials are present to search for a lost ball, players should continue playing and hold the group’s position on the golf course.
  • Players should walk with a purpose between shots.


Tournament registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the maximum field has been met, players will be added to a waitlist. Each event’s registration and cancellation deadline is the same date and the deadline is at 11:59 p.m. EST. All dates are published to the specific event information page. Please see the diagram below for deadline overview:

Spring/Fall Series

  • Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Wednesday prior to event date
  • Tee Times Published: Thursday prior to event date

Summer Series

  • Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Thursday prior to event date
  • Tee Times Published: Friday prior to event date

MAADA Series

  • Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Varies, see event info page
  • Tee Times Published: Varies, see event info page

Skills Challenge

  • Registration/Cancellation Deadline: Three days before event date
  • Tee Times Published: N/A

All players MUST check in at the on-site registration table before each event at least 30 minutes before the player’s designated tee time.

Rules Education

Rules seminars covering the Rules of Golf and the 2019 Rules of Golf changes will be conducted throughout the state of Georgia. Please view the GSGA Junior Tour Rules Corner for details. While the seminars are optional, it is highly recommended for new members AND returning members to attend at least one seminar before starting their competition season.

Schedule Changes & Withdrawals (WD)

Players may withdraw from a GSGA Junior Tour event at any time prior to their tee time in the respective event. However, to receive a partial refund you must WD from the event (either online or by contacting the office) before the tournament cancellation deadline. For WDs that meet the above criteria, you will be refunded your entry fee less a $10 processing fee. Please see the Registration policy or the specific tournament information page for details on the cancellation/registration deadline.

If you need to withdraw from an event after the deadline stated above, you MUST do so by contacting the office. If we receive notification of your WD after the cancellation deadline, your entry fee will NOT be refunded. Failure to notify our office of a WD before your tee time will result in the warning (first offense) or penalty (second offense) specified in the No Show/No Card policy listed above.


Under the Rules of Golf, it is the player’s responsibility to certify his/her hole scores and ensure both the marker and player have signed the scorecard before returning it to the Committee. At each GSGA Junior Tour event, a scoring area will be provided following play and a GSGA Junior Tour staff member will assist with the scoring process. To avoid the possibility of being disqualified, remain in the scoring area until your card has been checked and the scorer dismisses you.


Spectators attending GSGA Junior Tour events should review the Spectator Guidelines.

Spectator Carts

While not guaranteed at every event, spectator carts may be rented based on availability. The rental fee is determined by each individual host facility. Please note that requests for spectator carts may be limited or denied in some circumstances (poor weather conditions, lack of available carts at host facility, etc.) and use of a cart is subject to final approval by the host facility. All spectator carts MUST remain on the cart path. When helping a junior search for a golf ball, please park the cart on the path and proceed to search on foot. Spectators not abiding by this policy will have their spectator cart privileges removed with no refund.

Standby Status

For an event that is full, the first three players on the waiting list for each division are deemed to be on standby status. Players will be contacted via email that they are on standby status.

After being placed on standby status, players have the option to arrive at the course at least 30 minutes prior to the first tee time for their division to wait for an open spot. Always be sure to check in with the tournament staff upon arrival. Those players on standby status who decide to go to the course to standby will fill open spots based upon their order on the waiting list. They must also check in with the onsite GSGA staff at the registration table.

There is no guarantee that any standby status player will gain entry into the event. If there are no open spots available, standby players must leave the facility after the last tee time for their division. Players who have not been contacted via email and notified of their standby status by the GSGA office may not go to the golf course and will not be allowed to play if they do so.

Starting Times

Tee times are available online either by logging into your player’s club account and viewing the tournaments you are scheduled to play or by visiting the event information page. GSGA staff will also email starting times once published. Tee times will be published the day following the cancellation deadline. Please see Rule 5.3a for penalties related to not starting on time.


In multi-day competitions ONLY, ties for first place will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff. If a playoff is not feasible (due to inclement weather or darkness), co-champions will be awarded. For single-day competitions no ties will be broken.

All ties for points will be awarded at the value of position finish except when hole-by-hole playoffs are conducted for awarded positions.

Waiting List (WL)

Waiting Lists (WL) for each division at each event are maintained to offer the greatest number of playing opportunities to as many juniors as possible. If you select an event that is full during tournament registration, you will be placed on the WL for that event. If a spot becomes available in your division because another player cancels or withdraws, the spot will be filled by the first player on the WL within that division. Priority on all waiting lists is determined by the date and time at which a player is added to the WL (within each division, the first player on the list is the first to fill an open spot). Your presence on a waiting list communicates to our office that you would like to participate in that event, even if you are already scheduled to play another tournament on the same day.

If you are the first player on a WL for an event and a spot becomes available, you will automatically be added to the tournament field. You will be contacted by the office via email if this occurs before the registration deadline. Should a spot become available after the registration deadline, the office will contact you by phone before adding you to the field.

Once added to the field, you must follow the directions outlined in schedule changes and withdrawals if you are no longer able to play. Please note that normal cancellation fees do apply. If you are no longer interested in participating in an event for which you appear on the WL but have not been added to the field, you must remove yourself from the WL to avoid paying a cancellation fee if added. You may log in to your player’s club account or call the office to remove yourself from a WL. Please monitor your schedule carefully.